Catherine Taylor's life long journey has been creating artwork to share with others.
Her style combines realism with abstract thought, to create vibrant and harmonious flowing paintings.

Her talent was evident a very early age. With encouragement from family and friends Catherine attended Georgian College in the late 80's to receive formal training in fine arts.

After graduation she began a full time career in the print industry. Through 1990-2000 she also had PetPrints where she painted portraits of various animal companions in pastel and pencil.

Later in her career, needing to experiment in more mediums and wanting more freedom of muse, she began experimentation in different mediums and pushing their boundaries of combination.

Her plein air work is almost exclusively oil, while her studio work is continuously evolving with texture and line. She works in mainly traditional & water-based oils, acrylic and coloured inks.

Her painting style was highly influenced by Post Impressionism and the early works of The Group of Seven.

Catherine is an executive member of the Orillia Fine Arts Association, also an active member of Ontario Plein Air Society, discovering the joy that is Plein Air in spring of 2014.

Her work is part of private collections across Canada, the United States, the Netherlands and England.
It can also be found in various local shows and events across Ontario.